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How to manage tech savvy business travellers?

May 19,2015 | Muhammed Niyas CM

Travelling is sometimes personal and yes of course sometimes an emotional aspect of an individual’s life. I hope you all are used to organize your vacations online and at the last minute and yes you all prefer to refer the views of other travelers in the review sites right. I know your answer will be a positive YES which shows that you are a tech savvy business traveller and your habits of travelling are changing radically.

  1. Use your own experience in enhancing the travel policies and to guarantee the comfort and security of the travelling colleagues.
  2. Increase in the tablet and smartphone penetration leads to connection between the travelers which provides and enormous opportunity for corporate travel agencies give their clients with the best possible service.
  3. Innovation provides fascinating and endless experiences to the travellers increasing their security and productivity. Diminishing stress is the most important aspect on which innovation is based.
  4. Cross channel interactions with the users is only possible when travel agents tend to integrate all the available services in one single platform.
  5. Enhancement of the data intelligence will help an automatic adaptation of the services according to the demands and the needs of the travelers.
  6. Facilitated payments and the security of the documents will get improved due to the digitization.
  7. Enhanced travel experience with the wearable technologies will extend interactions.
  8. Most of the apps helps the business travellers to take better advantage of their free time at the destinations and hence they can be connected with their loved ones and can enhance their travel.
  9. Efficient, cost-effective and personalized travel technologies can support and provide the business travellers with enhanced travel experiences.

Managing the tech savvy travellers with different techniques helps to get good revenues and helps in expansion of your business. Perhaps you already consider yourself a tech savvy traveller? If you have some of your own ideas or tips, feel free to share them.

Muhammed Niyas CM

Director and Chief Technical OfficerNiyas is competent with customization and integration of various open-source software. He is a major contributor in design & development of TRAACS, a flagship product of Nucore. He is an alumni of the National Institute of technology, Calicut.