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People and Culture

House of Nucore

Nucoreans are our biggest assets and drivers of competitive advantage. Our success is enabled by people who embrace purpose, accept failures, abundantly innovate and are ever willing to reinvent themselves continuously.

We strongly believe in the Nucorean philosophy, i.e EXPERIMENT, COLLABORATE AND DELIVER to achieve business results as a team. We value team success more than individual success.

Our Thinking

It is not just about ideas, it is about generating business results from many ideas. We make ideas happen by creating an environment for Nucoreans to constantly collaborate and experiment.
Nucoreans truly believe in designing superior products through human potential and team work. We focus and rely on the strengths of Nucoreans and channel those towards achieving business results.

We look beyond job titles and value human contributions

What we stand for:

  • We value team success more than individual success
  • We respect our people and their culture
  • We hold ourselves accountable
  • We focus on business impact for our work
  • We improve continuously through experimentation

Why Choose Us

At Nucore, no two days are the same. Each day presents a new challenge and an opportunity for Nucoreans to grow. Being a pioneer in the industry with a goal to become one of the top travel technology enablers in the world, we DEVELOP PRODUCTS WITH A PURPOSE.

The Nucore Career Path

Bed Rock

Are you kick starting your career & have a child-like curiosity to discover, learn, reinvent and innovate? We provide you with an opportunity to be a part of our product journey, solve problems independently, acquire knowledge from the experienced and to start developing wings to fly higher.


Looking to grow your skills, solve complex problems and take on leadership roles for multiple cross functional problems? We provide you with an opportunity to be the technical go-to person at a team level.


Are you someone willing to go beyond the set of responsibilities confined to your role and want to make a difference? We provide an opportunity for those who go an extra mile to discover and expand the scope of a defined designation.


Are you someone looking to take up leadership roles and head companywide projects? We provide an opportunity to lead a team at an organisation and industry level.

How do we make a difference?

Nucore Non-negotiables (NNN): We adhere to a set of NNN that helps us make all the difference. We hold ourselves accountable and focus on the business impact of our work by being RESPONSIVE, COMMITTED and RESULT-ORIENTED.

We value team success more than individual success. We respect diversity and each individual’s cultural background. We encourage every individual to be COURAGEOUS, TRANSPARENT and be a MULTIPLIER.


We manage and respond to our diverse set of stakeholders in a timely and efficient manner.


We commit and honour commitments.


We believe in speaking the truth and facing the facts.

The Nucore Non-Negotiables

Result - Oriented:

We create impact through results.


We believe that transparency supports smarter behaviour and results in better decisions.


We believe in being a multiplier for better collaboration and contribution.

Nucore Wall