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E-Invoicing in KSA

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Nucore blogs keep you informed on the most recent events at Nucore, as well as the global events related to the travel industry with particular emphasis on those related to travel agencies and airlines.

After nearly two decades, Nucore has gained a wealth of user experiences across hundreds of accounts in multiple countries. Bringing the benefit of our handson experience to all out customers and potential customers is how Nucore has succeeded in leading the way forward. Nucore believes that an informed customer is their best customer.

April 16

Travel Agencies Take to the Clouds and Fly Higher with nuTRAACS

ABSTRACT: Travel Agencies that have adopted cloud computing are flying high. Cloud computing has leveled the playing field enabling small businesses to compete head-to-head with larger enterprises. Customers no longer assume that larger means better.  With nuTRAACS, Nucore’s

June 22

Lift your revenue generation with robotic scripting

Continuous innovations happening in the travel industry is creating greater opportunities for the improvement of the industry making traveler’s experience more compelling. Travel agent can find an additional source of revenue with an instant and close integration with

May 19

How to manage tech savvy business travellers?

Travelling is sometimes personal and yes of course sometimes an emotional aspect of an individual’s life. I hope you all are used to organize your vacations online and at the last minute and yes you all prefer to