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As CEO, Suhail V.P. has been instrumental in leading Nucore’s expansion program, establishing a business presence in more than thirty countries strategically driven by MENA GDS and travel technology partnerships. Through his, and his senior management team’s efforts, Nucore has become an industry technology and business leader in the travel agency and airline industries.

Prior to Nucore, Suhail V.P. utilized his technical training in Visual Studio, PHP, Python, PyGTX and PostgreSQL for more than twelve years to gain experience in the rapidly expanding Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES) markets for education, air travel, and car rental industries.

This experience was crucial to Suhail’s future CEO position at Nucore. Suhail V.P. earned hands-on experience in analytical design, development and quality assurance needed for multi-client, enterprise-wide change management and the support infrastructure required for successful implementation.

Suhail V.P. responsibilities include Nucore’s corporate strategy for strategic and operational partnerships, internal and customer digital transformations, organizational development, and product market positioning. Nucore’s strategic goal is the technical and business empowerment of clients to succeed.

Based on extensive airline and travel experience, Mohan Das recognized that the industry needed an advanced accounting and financial system that was designed specifically for the travel industry. If travel agents and airlines were going to meet the industry’s projected growth and evolving transaction workflows, then airlines and agents
were going to need a system designed specifically for the industry’s unique requirements.

Mohan Das is intimately familiar with International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) standards and the industry’s various global distribution systems both of which placed additional, industry specific demands on information technology, accounting, and financial management.

Mohan Das saw not only the increased processing requirements, but also recognized new opportunities for airlines and travel agencies. He combined his travel industry experience with his extensive accounting and financial knowledge and, together with the technical expertise of Muhamed Niyas, co-founded Nucore Software Solutions serving as Nucore’s Chief Executive Officer.

Mohan Das was the chief architect of Nucore’s flagship product TRAACS, a mid-andback office accounting and financial management system for travel agents. He was also the lead in the American Express BTA/CTA and Saudi Arabia AMEX/CTA integrated product enhancements to the TRAACS system.

Muhamed Niyas’s center of expertise encompasses core competencies in scalable, high performance software design through the integration of open-source technologies that became the backbone of Nucore’s travel agency accounting and financial management system. Joining forces with Mohan Das’s architectural and travel industry experience, Muhamed Niyas co-founded Nucore Software Solutions .

Muhamed Niyas significantly reduced the cost of ownership of travel industry accounting software by utilizing license-free, open-source resources and support communities, initially as a client-based, PC resident deployment which has since evolved into a real time web-based platform that is upgradable into a cloud environment.Muhamed Niyas is responsible for TRAACS, Nucore’s flagship travel industry accounting and financial management software.

TRAACS functionality is the foundation of Nucore’s ERP Agency and Airline Management Platforms. Under Muhamed Niyas’s leadership, Nucore’s system is being expanded from a back office accounting system into a mid-office management resource and a fully-integrated front office support system with on-demand access to real time transaction information such as credit card alerts during bookings.

In addition to software development, Muhamed Niyas is responsible for Nucore’s quality assurance, software development environment, product certifications, and customer support system as well as TRAACS platform add-ons and third-party software integrations. He is also responsible for industry and competitive technical assessments and periodic senior management briefings.

Mr. U.V.K.Kumar has two decades of experience in Banking, Finance and Information Technology. He has managed the Information Technology division of Doha Bank for more than seven years. He has been instrumental in transforming Doha Bank to a technology-savvy organization, improving customer convenience and the Bank’s internal efficiency many fold.

Mr. Kumar spearheads the IT initiatives of Doha Bank and has an in-depth technical and functional expertise in banking and finance. Kumar is also well versed with Open as well as Legacy technologies.Under his technology management, Doha Bank has become a trendsetter and pioneer in introducing multiple customer-centric solutions using state-of-the-art technology.He has the distinction of being the first to introduce multiple e-channel solutions including an e-Commerce Portal.

He has steered Doha Bank towards achieving ISO 27001 certification of the bank’s operations. Under his guidance, the bank’s IT Department has achieved the distinction of being the first in Qatar to receive ISO 20000 certification.

Prior to Doha Bank, Kumar held senior positions in IT for the National Bank of Dubai managing multiple major projects. Prior to joining National Bank of Dubai, he was part of the IT team at Mashreq Bank, managing the bank’s core systems.Kumar served as advisor to many startups, the most prominent being Pracoss, NuCore Solutions, Core Solutions Qatar, and Prescience.He is a regular speaker in various knowledge-sharing forums in the region having spoken on various technology and bank-related subjects.In addition to his IT qualifications, He has earned an MBA in Systems and Finance.