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Application Value

Nucore management platforms bring improved performance, management business insight, and scalability to travel agencies, online agencies, agencies serving multiple corporate clients (Travel Management Companies) and small to medium airlines. Continuous Nucore software development, third party integrations and functional add-ons ensure user competitiveness for the years to come.

All Nucore platforms avoid most, if not all licensing and API related costs. Implementing Nucore in an on-going business can be completed in as little as three to four months without business interruption.

The Application Advantage

Different configurations support different applications while all users benefit from the commonality of the core technology and modular architecture. Users can expand capacity and services as management decides or as opportunities arise.

Should your business have, or require a different or new capability, Nucore will provide the required connectivity, integration, or software development.

Application User Benefits

  • Travel Agent

  • Online
    Travel Agent

  • Travel Management Company

  • Airline

  • Corporate

  • Corporate Travel

  • TMC

  • Travel Agent


    TRAACS – an integrated travel solution for management contol, direction, and growth.

    TRAACS is the primary software component of Nucore’s Agency Management Platform.

    When configured with Nucore and third party modules, the resulting ERP total solution provides travel agents with the customized control and business acumen needed to succeed in today’s highly competitive business environment.

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    Nucore’s web-based Agency
    Management Platform is “THE” solution for Online Travel Agencies.

    For OTA’s, online connectivity defines its business.

    TRAACS bidirectional integration gives agents an end-to-end workflow from sales to billing and collection to receipt.

    Workflow is seamless between the front and back office with information exchanged instantly.

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    Providing third party travel services requires a multi-client, feature-rich platform.

    TRAACS’ multi-client capabilities allow TMCs to manage the performance of individual corporate clients as well as it manages its own consolidated operations.

    Two examples are separate Data Handouts for AMEX GBT, FCM, etc. for HQ and franchised agents and mutliple Corporate Card Managment for different TMC clients and HQ.

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    A Travel Management Company should be its client’s most dependable business partner.

    By sharing costs across multiple clients, TRAACS allows TMC’s to offer client-tailored solutions at competitive prices for any specified provider and geographic coveragbe.

    TRAACS Business Intelligence provides optimization insights for every TMC client. Working closely with clients, system capabilities can precede, rather than follow demand.

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    Retaining TMC clients depends on satisfied users, profitable performance, and effective oversight

    With TRAACS, corporate buyers have the tools necessary to monitor their users’ activities and the quality of delivered services.

    Features, such as multi-currency, realtime accounting, automatic reconciliations, and customer self-serve portals create client satisfaction and new revenue opportunities.

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    Going beyond expectations keeps users coming back. Keeping users “in-plan” keeps costs down.

    Finding upgrades not available at booking keeps users coming back. Providing SMS itineraries and a 24/7 online user portal eliminates the hassels and inconveniences of unexpected schedule changes.

    TRAACS follows users, helping them during and after their travels to have a more pleasant experience and making TMC services their favorite choice.

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SkyTRAACS provides airlines with a data-rich, integrated back office accounting system. Richer, more timely data provides better and immediate management insights. Automating manual processes (i.e. interline billing, revenue accounting, etc.), lowers staffing, reduces revenue leakages, and eliminates human errors – all of which contributes to increased airline performance and profitability.

Nucore’s next Generation airline platform integrates GDS, bookings, and accounting capabilities and functions (Passenger Service System, Departure Control System and Scheduler System)

  • Optional Add-on Functionality
  • Business Intelligence
  • Automated Revenue Accounting with Prorationing
  • Management Insights
  • Receivables and Payables
  • Fuel Inventory / Accounting
  • Cost Accounting
  • Spare Parts Inventory / Accounting
  • 200+ Management Reports
  • Airport Tax and Fee Management
  • Data Analysis and Anaytics
    and Much More
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