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The User Experience

Selecting a technology provider for your business should not be made solely on product features and functions. Although product capabilities are a mandatory selection prerequisite, the customer experience before, during, and after a new technology implementation is equally important.

The provider you select will impact your company’s ability to implement a seamless transition with as little business disruption as possible. It can also impact the ability to manage on a near-realtime basis and provide the visibility required to remain competitive in the future..

Nucore can provide a painless business upgrade, deliver day-to-day management information, and provide the visibility needed for your next digital transformation.

Nucore is the Way Forward.

The Experience Advantage

Scalable Customized Solutions
Scalable Customized Solutions

Using modular building blocks, functional add-ons, and third-party integrations, Nucore systems are both scalable and tailorable. Systems designed to user specifications and operating environments eliminate changes a customer must make for a seamless technology upgrade.

Customized solutions require less preparation and simpler data migration, will cost less and be less disruptive. Staff training is minimized and the entire process will maintain customer transparancy.

Real Time

Waiting for information forces management to be reactive. Realtime performance information lets management be proactive. If things go wrong, immediate action can be taken to terminate any reoccurance. If necessary, corrective action can be taken immediately to mitigate or eliminate negative impacts.

Nucore provides operating results in realtime saving hours of rework and corrective action, not to mention the preservation of your hard-earned reputation and customer satisfaction.

Real Time
Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence

Data Information Intelligence

Data creates information. Information creates insights. Management insights are the building blocks of business intelligence.

Information alone, is insufficient to remain competitive over the next five years. Industry leaders are already making decisions based on insights developed from their own financial systems. In the near future, machine learning and artificial intelligence will enhance the value of today’s insights.

Nucore management platforms provide the deepest level of business data available today. With TRAAVICS (Nucore’s Travel Analytics module), all systems can produce management insights. Nucore platforms are “Business Intelligence ready” for tomorrow’s Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technologies.

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Our Clients


Immediately following the first customer exploratory meeting, Nucore forms a team dedicated to each client based on workflows, processes, and problems that address mangement’s desired business model. The Nucore team will guide the client through the entire IT transition process.

Customer collaboration is a prerequisite to defining IT functional requirements and streamlining processes impacted by Nucore’s real time processing, automated accounting, integration and functional add-ons. Client management and staff will be involved during the entire transition.

Working closely with the customer, the Nucore team will define the best way to migrate existing operations to the newly defined and customized management platform with minimal or no business interruption.

Customer Collaboration

  • IT requirements with Nucore System Analysts
  • Transition milestones with Nucore Project Manager
  • Data Migration Plan with Nucore Engineering
  • Conversion plan with Nucore Field Installation
  • Staff training with Nucore Online Instructors
  • Maintenance with Nucore Customer Service
  • Quarterly upgrades with Nucore Engineering

Customer Service

Nucore Customer Support tools, process, and escalations are embedded in a three tierd incident tracking system accessible by customers directly through an online portal.

Level 1 support is provided by an online diagnostic database and error code library. Level 2 support is provided by a live Support Engineer. If needed, Level 3 is provided by an Engineering Tester, Developer, or Project Leader, as is appropriate for the problem to be resolved.

Automatic incident tracking, assures submitted tickets are routed to the best center of expertise for resolutions and possible escalation. Service history moves with the incident until resolved. Alerts are porovied as set by the customer or service personnel.

The Nucore Customer Service Experience is on-demand 24/7 with live support from Nucore product experts.


  • Online customer portal
  • Full transparency of service ticket status
  • Email alerts for service status, required attention, resolutons, etc.
  • Automatic resolution escalation as defined by Service Level Agreement
  • Online diagnostice database and error code library
  • Live support from technical support and engineering
  • 24/7 live support

Financial Accounting

Two inherent features of Nucore platforms that clients experience immediately, in almost every transaction, are the impacts derived from real time processing and automated accounting.

Having the financial information you need, when you need it, changes the way business is transacted and managed. Realizing how Nucore’s automated accounting simplifies, even eliminates, human interaction is a game changer that transends throughtout the organization. Productivity experiences a discontinuity in performance improvement. Customers and corporate clients will notice the increased level of service being delivered.

What seems at first to be a welcomed relief, quickly turns into a competitive advantage, and then into a new way of doing business that staff, customers, and owners can and will depend upon with confidence..


  • 95% Automated Accounting (GDS, BSP, Reconciliations, Statements, RA, Reissue, ADM, BI, Currency, Alerts, etc.)
  • Reduced Staffing and Skill Requirements
  • 100% Tracing of All Accounting Entries
  • Comprehensive Audit Trails of All User Activity
  • Balance Sheet Drill-Down to Origination Documents
  • General Ledger Flexibility and Simplicity
  • Simplified Chart of Accounts Managment
  • Departmental Cost Accounting
  • On-Demand Financial Statements, Account Status
  • Clean, Accurate Excel Exporting
  • Customizable Management Information Reporting
  • Strong, Deep User Accessibility Control
  • Multi-Currency Support and Management
  • Revenue Leakage Identification, Capture and Blockage
  • Third Party Data-Capture Tool Sets
  • Multiple, Simultaneously-Active, Accounting Modules
  • Simplified Accounting Mistake Identification/Resolution

Business Continuity

COVID-19 disrupted business-as-normal for an extended period of time but it is not the only disruptions every business must deal with. Weather, local power outages, fire, and other disruptions occur on both an individual and total business scale.

Nucore’s managment platforms are web-based, making any place with a secure internet connection a possible remote working location. People can work with customers and peers without having to be located at the office. Platform features allow employees to serve customers and collaborate online without any system conflict concerns. Full auditing of remote user activities helps analyze and manage remote productivity.

Whether enduring a long term pandemic, bad weather, or just a cold, business can continue safely with little or no disruption.


  • Secure and Safe Web-based platform
  • Simultaneous multiple module activity
  • Remote log-in and managed user accessibility
  • Centralized database and processing
  • User tracing with automatic audit trails
  • User activity and productivity tracking

Integration & Reconciliation

As Data Transformation continues to evolve, Agency and Airline ERP systems will continue to expand the integration of disparate systems to provide new and more powerful automated capabilites to reduce costs, remain competitive and better serve customers.

Nucore uses TRAACS, a robust, time tested financial system, as its Agency and Airline integration hub to create a financially-driven ERP management platform.

Nucore clients experience an open IT system customized to their selected business model with new and advanced functionality that was impossible without all systems working seamlessly together. Automated reconciliations, TMC data handouts, instant financial statements from bookings to invoices, and many other previously unavailable capabilities become everyday occurances.


  • TRAACS: a Financially-Driven ERP Integration Hub
    • Comprehensive APIs Connect Third-Party Systems
    • Add-ons (internal, external functional upgrades)
    • ERP Hub Integrates All Connected Systems
  • TRAACS Integrated Systems (Partial List)
    • Global Distribution Systems
    • Booking Systems
    • Payment Systems
    • Business Analytics and Business Intelligence
  • Integration Capabilities (Partial List)
    • System MIS Reports & Management Insights
    • BSP, Bank, and Provider Automatic Reconciliations
    • Credit Limit Alerts and Controls
    • Comprehensive, Detailed TMC Data Handouts


According to most experts, an average ERP system has a life span of five to seven years. This is due primarily to rapid technological innovations and the lack of upgrades during the same period.

Nucore addresses both issues with quarterly updates to all Nucore ERP clients. Updates include Nucore’s innovative automations, advanced integrated capabilities and tools, as well as third party upgrades. Although ERPs are becoming mandatory to remain competitive, replacing or upgrading the system every five years is not.

Nucore offers travlel agencies and airlilnes, a way to remain competitive without a series of capital-intensive investments every five years.

Select a system that can grow with your business, one that will keep you competitive, and one that will not break your budget. Select Nucore as your technology partner. It is the best way forward.


  • Continuos (Quarterly) System Upgrades
  • Additional Functions and Automation Processes
  • Additional Platform Systems and Add-ons
  • No Account or Geographical Practical Limitations
  • No Practical Limitations on Transaction Volumes
  • Continuous Deployment Improvements
  • Rapid Inclusion of Nucore Innovations
  • Enterprize, Lite, and Ultra Lite Editions