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Maintaining leadership in today’s highly competitive travel industry is a major challenge for both management and the technology they depend on. Nucore’s feature-rich, financial solutions provide management with not only with the financial tools necessary to reduce overhead and operating costs but also provides the intelligence and insights to maximize revenues.

Nucore’s state-of-the-art information technology automates workflows and processes eliminating human errors, unnecessary duplications, and unproductive rework. Equally important, Nucore’s new generation of solutions provide managers with business intelligence – realtime insights needed for day-to-day operating, and long term management decisions.

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Digital Transformation

Ever since the adoption of Global Distribution Systems, automated bookings, online portals, third party integrations and add-ons, the travel industry has undergone a continuous and accelerating digital transformation. Legacy systems are now being upgraded to, or replaced by, total solution platforms. Today, the level of your transformation may mean the difference between failing or succeeding.

Selecting the right technology partner will ensure your company meets its operational and scaling goals. Nucore systems are tailored to our customer’s business. Your business is not tailored to our solution.


Nucore has been providing technical solutions to the travel industry for 18 years. Today, Nucore has 11 offices serving more than 600 customers in 34 countries with 11,000 users processing more than 60 million transactions generating revenues of more than $7 Billion USD annually.

  • 34 +
    Countries -
    Market Presence
  • 600 +
  • 11 +
    Regional / Partner
    Offices Globally
  • 11,000 +
    User base
  • 60 MM +
    60 Million
  • $7 B +
    Revenues of more than
    $7 Billion USD

As the scope of digital transformation has accelerated, Nucore has partnered with industry reconized leaders to develop additional features, integrate third party functionality, and expand system capabilities. Nucore technology solutions are proven and reliable! They have been time-tested across hundreds of small and medium travel agents, travel management companies, and airlines.


Nucore innovation includes Agile Application Development, three-tiered Customer Support, and a tailorable, modular, and scalable systems architecture for an Enterprise, Lite, and Ultra-Lite Agency Management Platform. Innovative implementation of Open Source Software (OSS) delivers increased customization, reliability, security, uptime, and performance. (OSS) eliminates third party licensing resulting in a lower cost of ownership and an earlier return of investment.

Nucore web-based systems include comprehensive financial management with extensive user preferences, comprehensive auditing, BSP Link Automation (auto login, extraction and reconciliation), multi- GDS integrations, and non-API direct LCC connectivity (eliminating API associated costs).

Nucore systems grow with your business. Platforms keep pace with the most aggressive transaction growth. New features and functions, as well as third-party applications, are continuously being added to keep your business competitive now and in the future.


Over the years, Nucore has developed active business relationships with Global Distribution Systems such as Amadeus, Galileo, and Sabre. Payment solution business partners include AMEX, VISA, MasterCard, and Airplus. AMEX GBT and FCM are representative of Travel Management Companies working with Nucore. ERP companies include Oracle and SAP. These, and other companies have collaborated with Nucore to integrate their system capabilities into Nucore’s platforms.

As digital transformation continues to widen its scope within the travel industry, Nucore will continue to develop, integrate, and add third party products and services through existing and new business relationships. You are in good company with Nucore.

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Nucore has a wide geographic presence predominantly in the Middle East and Africa and is expanding its geographic footprint every year.

Nucore headquarters are located in Calicut, Kerala, India. Regional offices are located in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Partner offices are maintained in Tanzania, Sudan, Kenya, Indonesia, and Bangladesh.

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