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FCM Tanzania
Skylink Travel & Tours Limited

Skylink Travel & Tours Ltd – T/A – FCM Tanzania is a leading TMC and provides full consultative and travel management services to government and corporate clients. Managing travel for different businesses while having to consolidate data for its parent companies, required a unique set of Information Technology capabilities to streamline and automate different business workflows.

Moustafa H. Khataw
Managing Director & CEO

Nucore’s Agency Management Platform provided a robust platform to establish a sustainable business environment for all client services as well consolidated management reporting of the TMC. We are extremely delighted to have partnered with NUCORE to provide our front,middle and back office solutions. The MIS reporting systems is detailed and has assisted the management to take faster decisions with a view of improving customer service delivery.

HALA Travel Management Company
United Arab Emirates (U.A.E)

Hala Travel Management, a joint venture between Etihad and BCD Group, provides full consultative and travel management services to government and corporate clients. Managing travel for different businesses while having to consolidate data for its parent companies, required a unique set of Information Technology capabilities to streamline and automate their unique business workflows.

Brian Murphy
General Manager, Hala Travel Management (Etihad Airlines)

Almost all technology projects engender a reasonable amount of fear related to its budget, its impact on the working of business and so on. When Hala Travel Management needed to upgrade their front & back office all these concerns were discussed.We needed to incorporate our own world class experience from around the globe and ensure this was implanted into the DNA of the new system. Regardless of how good the technology itself is, you need a team with passion, pride in delivering a great result, the courage to speak up and the patience to overcome unforeseen obstacles. All these things were found in Nucore and the team. Thanks to their dedication, perseverance and sheer hard work due to which we now have state of the art systems and are ideally positioned to deliver a superior customer experience.

Mosafer Travel

GoMosafer is an online division of Mosafer Travel, the neophyte travel agency in Qatar launched in the third quarter of year 2010. Mosafer; the word comes from “traveller” in Arabic, Turkish, Farsi, and several Indian and Urdu languages. By combining aggressively negotiated airfares and global resource of Hotel rates with cutting edge technology, GoMosafer provides the kind of efficient, cost-effective travel solutions that are essential in today’s Travel Industry.

Firos Nattu

Three gifted young tech savvy entrepreneurs synched their prismatic friendship algorithm into their business and then shaped not as a solution provider, but a solution builder. Nucore, being the master in the travel domain with challenging aptitude and influential efficiency for rewrite the travel agency back office experience. As a customer, I am impressed and blessed by the comprehensiveness and lucidity of their thoughts. During our business requirement conference, I noticed, they focused, passionate, and think above and beyond the scope. The TRAACS and their (BI) Business intelligence tool truly unlocked the potential and accelerate the scale of our business. I am pretty confident Nu core’s excellence and efficiency not only limited Asia, Middle East and Africa, but an acceptance in entire travel trade spectrum in the near future. I wish them all success.

Kurban Travel

“Trip advisors by day. Travelers at heart” is how Kurban Travel,Lebanon’s No.1 travel agency introduces itself. A part of travel major Kurban Group, Kurban Travel consists of a team of consultants who are experts in the art of travel planning. The travel agency handles travel inquires for both individuals and groups of all sizes and budgets.

Tony Mattar
Chief Accountant, Kurban Travel.

There are different companies providing software solutions in the market but let me be frank Nucore and its most comprehensive software solution has the capability to provide a client whatever he asks for. Integrated view, combined with a rich customer know-how, accompanied with cutting – edge expertise, offers client one of its kind experiences.The entire company with its team and products included, can be summed up in one single word i.e. MARVELOUS. We really once again appreciate the work of the whole team. Keep it up and all the best.

FCM kenya
Charleston Travel Limited
Isabel Wairimu
Finance Manager

We would like to appreciate Nucore for providing us with TRAACS system which is web-based, before we had an oracle system which was rigid ,with TRAACS we have experience flexibility where we are able to work anywhere at any time. The system came in handy during Covid since staff were able to work comfortably at home. The systems came with advantages where front office staff were able to ticket and invoice at the same time thus reducing error rate experience while the invoicing is done in back office ,also the reports are well customized and straight to the point. We also appreciate their virtual support team who are always there whenever we require system support. Therefore we will recommend Traacs to any potential Travel Agents.

Worldlink Travel & Tours

World link is one of the leading travel service providers in Africa with twenty-five years of experience in this field and has consistently won the national and international awards in recognition of the excellent travel services they provide.

Mrs. Aliya Versi
Managing Director

Worldlink has gone fully live with TRAACS into their operation helping them to avoid manual and redundant accounting process with instant integration between front and back office activities. All of our experience during this association with TRAACS has been very positive, and to our knowledge, this company has a history of timely and successful completion of its jobs.

Magical Holidays Ltd
Magical Holidays Ltd

Magical holidays Ltd is an IATA accredited leading travel agent, based in Nairobi, Kenya. We specialize in offering quality services in travel, tours, and safaris.

Rebecca Wairimu Gachoki
Managing Director

Our experience with TRAACs over the past one year has been remarkable compared to previously used systems. It is reliable and user-friendly. TRAACs helped us to make our processes manageable and efficient by automating time-consuming financial processes and optimized our workflow to fit right with our business processes. We are now able to pull up all the details/reports on a given transaction with only a couple of clicks. The TRAACs support team is always accessible and responsive too. A great company to work with and we would recommend this product anytime.

Tripoli Sail Travel

Established in 2004, Tripoli Sail Travel is a professionally-oriented company that offers a complete range of services. Through our 16 years of experience, we have learned that the business of travel is much more than transactions. It’s about building strong and long-term relationships based on trust, understanding the needs of customers and business partners and supporting partners by keeping our promises.

Wisam elaeib
General Manager

We have been working with Traacs since short period of time. The system and technology made us move forward to new horizons, back office is very easy to use and no long training is required .

Most financial cases and ideas from several markets all over the world has been implemented in traacs we feel that everything need is at our hand Traacs team have made life on our new system so much easier than I ever thought it would be. They took us through each step of the process offering friendly and supportive help all the way

Bunson Travel Service ltd. CWT

Kenya’s Leading Travel Management Company and the first Travel Agency in Kenya licensed by The International Air Transport Association (IATA). An honorary member of the Kenya Association of Travel Agents (KATA) from its inception in 1979, and have also been accredited additional bodies including the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA).

Michael Scott
Operations Director

The corporate travel industry is very competitive and demanding. Our clients are constantly asking for the most innovative solutions, whilst asking for costs to be contained! We are always up to this challenge and show our clients how effective we are at managing travel within their budget by displaying dynamic reporting on their travel trends and hence spend. We moved to TRAACS in 2018 as we needed a Financial system and partner that was dynamic enough to provide these reports and dynamic enough to develop and deploy tools based on our feedback for our clients, therefore addressing real-time needs of the corporate travel industry in real time. To date TRAACS have always been supportive of our business and our clients needs and we look forward to further developing this partnership.

Quality Aviation

Quality Aviation (CWT pakistan) is one of the largest travel management companies in Pakistan with a total of 7 branches and staff strength of over 250 dedicated to corporate business travel. Quality Aviation was the first travel agency in Karachi to operate 24 hours, 7 Days a Week, with the added option of 24-hour ticket delivery services.

Shazil Mehkri

“Quality Aviation, a prime franchisee of Carlson Wagonlit Travel, one of the world’s leading digital travel management companies, strictly adhere to the global TMC certified standards of work and reporting. Being the first travel agency in Karachi, Pakistan, to provide round the clock services to travel business clients, we ensure to partner with competitive travel technology firms with a view to keep our systems constantly updated. We are extremely happy to embark our digital transformation journey with Nucore Software Solutions, who provides us with such a robust platform and whose services are in line with the global protocols. Nucore’s technology platforms have enabled our major operations to go live and they are in the process of migrating other existing operations to a fully automated, well- defined and integrated, customised management platform. We look forward to collaborating further and without hesitation recommend Nucore to any potential business, who are looking for a results oriented and technology driven journey.”

Al Sarh Travel & Tourism
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Haitham Y. Sherif
Finance Manager

With a commitment to provide superior service to their customers, they ensure prompt response and quick turnaround time, making them a trusted company for customers to go to. We have been able to assist drive the business with a vision to keep them one notch ahead of the rest, through our Travel Agency Management Platform TRAACS. Uniquely tailored to each client, TRAACS platform is a data-rich financial system providing real-time information data analysis that helps management to be proactive with their business decisions. We look forward to continuing a results-oriented journey.

Fursan Travel
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Founded in 1980, Fursan Travel is one of the foremost and earliest travel management companies in the Middle East. Proud of its leadership in bringing the power of technology to better serve its customers, Fusan
was determined to find the best solution for clients without mandating changes to the way they conduct business.

Attar Travel
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Founded in 1952, Attar Travel is one of the oldest agencies in Saudi Arabia. Today, Attar is one of the largest TMCs in the Middle East with 35 KSA branches and more than 500 employees.

VIP Holidays
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
ELAF Travel & Tourism
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
ATS Travel
United Arab Emirates (U.A.E)
Etihad Airways
United Arab Emirates (U.A.E)
National Travel & Tourism
Nirvana Travel & Tourism
United Arab Emirates (U.A.E)
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Safari Tours & Travel
Saudia World Holidays
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia