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Building Blocks of Nucore ERP for Travel Agency, Online Travel Agency, Travel Management Company, and Budget Airline.

The heart of every business is its financial system. It is the primary accounting of how the business is performing and what can be done to improve. Financial accounting provides management with the information that drives all other business functions. The ability for the “heart” of an ERP system to integrate and connect with other automated technologies determines the degree to which management can optimize performance.

Every business is unique and every manager has a vision that differentiates itself from competition resulting in very different ERP requirements. Unfortunately, there is no single ERP system that meets all business requirements. For agencies and airlines that serve different markets, the ability to configure a system that meets their market’s demands and can change over time as that demand changes, is a paramount IT partner consideration.


TRAACS is the heart of every TA, OTA, and multi-client/franchised TMC ERP system. After nearly two decades of development and integration, Nucore has developed many agency functional support modules such as CRM and Business Intelligence. Additionally, Nucore has integrated many of the more popular third-party GDS, virtual payment, and booking systems. Mix and match or have Nucore develop your ERP solution.


Without a next generation accounting system, the most cost sensitive travel segment – low cost carrier airlines – will have a difficult time remaining competitive. Having a next generation ERP system will impact the performance of all other ERP functions. Nucore’s next-gen revenue, cost, and financial accounting can provide management with operations performance in real time.

Nucore Can Help Configure an ERP Solution
for Your Business

Whether you are a small independent agency, a large, multi-branch or franchised agency, or a small to medium airline, Nucore can help you meet your company’s management challenges. Whatever your questions are, a Nucore senior sales executive should be able to provide, or obtain, an answer in minutes. Contact Nucore at any time for any question without any obligation.

TRAACS Travel Agency Management Platform

An integrated financial management platform with a comprehensive Mid – Back Office transaction processing capability for travel agents and large TMCs. TRAACS enables automation of all agency management functions and its business components to provide clear visibility, strong control and increased revenue opportunities supported by robust technology and integration platform for a total solution ERP system.

Business Intelligence and Insights
BSP Link Automation
Auto Login, extraction, reconciliation BSP RA, and ADM Tracker
Virtual Payment System
Customer Relations
Customer Satisfaction Management
TRAACS Travel Agency Management
SkyTRAACS Airline Management Platform

Most small and medium arilines have employed disparate and disconnectd information technology due to the lack of an affordable fully integrated ERP sysem. Without such a system, work can be redundant, overlapping, disruptive, and error prone.

SkyTRAACS is an affordable total solution for small to medium airlines

SkyTRAACS is a platform for both new and established airlines. SkyTRAACS provides detailed, timely, and cost-effective data analysis reporting for day-to-day management. SkyTRAACS enables airlines to integrate mid and back-office accounting processes into a highly efficient, automated total solution that reduces operating costs and staffing, while protecting revenue.

SkyTraccs keeps cost sensitive businesses profitable.

Clients have time-tested solutions customized to address their unique business problems using the Nucore Agency and Airline Management Platforms. Learn why they choose Nucore, how their problems were resolved, and what their operating results were after implementation.

Platform Integrations

At Nucore, integration is much more than exchanging data. Data streams are analyzed for accuracty and used extensively to automate business processes and increase the capabilites of Nucore’s management platforms.

One example is Nucore’s integration with Global Distribution Systems such as Amadeus, Galileo, and Sabre. In addition to the API integration, the data is analyzed and used to automatie IATA BSP reconciliations, manage ADMs, RAs, reissuing, invoicing, and other previously manual-intensive tasks.

Using data from multiple integrated systems increases the overall ERP performance exponentially. A simple example would be combining data from an integrated booking system with an integrated credit control system to provide realtime credit limit control before booking a transaction which eliminates non-payments, cancellations, ticket re-issues, ADMs, and penalites before they occur.

Third party integrations include booking systems, online banking, and payment systems such as AMEX CTA. Cross integration enhancements are implemented through Nucore Add-ons such as GDS Mate, Traise, and Travtics.

Integrating multiple systems with functional add-ons enables Nucore advanced features such as HX PNR removal, automated BSP, Hotel, Bank, and Provider reconciliations, automated invoiceing, credit alerts, ADM drill down, and resolution, return authorizations, and many other innovative advancements.

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Platform Add-Ons


Platform Add-Ons enable functionality and user benefits not realizable from standalone integrations.

One of the most powerful examples is the TMC Data Handout which collects transaction information from all integrated systems and Nucore Add-Ons needed to manage a multi-tierd organizational structure as well as provide the information required by its parental IT system.

Nucore can integrate existing or client-selected systems with Add-Ons that will deliver more innovative functionality and increased benefits than competitive alternatives.

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Next Generation

Obsolescence is expensive, particularly if economies of scale benefit your competition more than you. To avoid such a business pit-fall, Nucore employs Rapid-Agile Development and Cutover to maintain a steady stream of application advancements for existing installations. Post-deployment customer feeback provides assuance that the user experience remains positive. Frequent releases ensure problems are resolved and not propagated to the next upgrade.

Nucore updates client installations every quarter with new functionality, integrations, and add-ons. Platform deployments occur less frequently but when justified economically, all possible upgrades will have already been incorporated in prior deployments minimizing changeover business disruption and training.

Frequent updates also minimize the mpact of market, regulatory, technology, and other changes. Your IT system will be as dynamic and responsive as your market or customer demands change. Most importantly you will gain a competitive advantage every quarter.

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