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Kurban Travel Case Study

Kurban Travel, Hogg Robinson Group partner (HRG) in Lebanon, is a leading travel agency adept at providing individuals, corporates and groups with travel services that are tailor made according to budgets and needs. Since 1952, Kurban Travel has strived to position themselves as specialists in travel planning and tourism. With a team of service-oriented travel consultants, Kurban Travel is continuously investing to outcome expectations. In 2015, Kurban introduced the first local online booking platform gokurban.com

Kurban Business Challenges

Over the years Kurban Travel has been using a general solution for keeping their accounts. Later on when their sales and booking increased they had to move their back office to a more competent GDS system. They chose Amadeus. With the arrival of Amadeus, they found lot of issues with their accounting and finance. They were unable to keep in the pace with Amadeus network. They tried another partial system for finance called Microsoft Navision, an older version of Microsoft Dynamics. But it too proved futile as it didn’t solve multi-currency problem for their financial accounting. Also Kurban Travel required data interfacing with leading travel solutions such as Salesforce, HRG etc. They were in urgent need of a system that could help them sail through this tide of problems that was challenging the No.1 position they were holding in the Lebanon’s travel and tourism industry.

The Way Forward

Kurban Travel approached Nucore with their set of problems and wanted a solution that would be both economical as well as efficient in equal measure. Nucore set a team to understand the problem and provided the most efficient and economical solution. After studying the problem, Nucore implemented Traacs into Kurban Travel’s network. Traacs had a proven record of being one of the most compatible back office to capture data from the Amadeus network. Traacs also had a robust account management system that can be customised to the needs of the client. It can be scaled up or down according to client’s network size. Traacs’ indigenously built web-crawler program also helped in collecting data from low cost carrier (LCC) networks that didn’t feature on major GDS systems. An advantage a company like Kurban Travel couldn’t ignore. Apart from LPO tracking, Traacs has successfully setup reminders and alerts for the customers of Kurban Travels. It also provided simultaneous access to multiple users with real-time updating. Other key highlights of Traacs is that it offered Kurban Travel staff sales monitoring and also took a count of its flown revenue and unused tickets.

All in all, Nucore with its flagship program, Traacs helped Kurban remain the No.1 travel agency in Lebanon by providing a highly economical and
impeccably efficient back office solution.

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Nucore is one of the leaders in providing back office solutions to companies in the field of travel and tourism in the Middle East and India. Nucore partners with leading GDS networks like Amadeus, Galileo and Sabre, travel management companies like HRG, business travel payment solutions provider like Airplus and credit card major like American Express to provide its clients top notch back office solutions with highest operational and financial efficiency. Nucore’s success is a result of commitment its team of developers, analysts and technologists puts in each of its projects. With more than a decade of experience behind it, Nucore Software Solutions is looking forward to newer challenges and opportunities in the years to come.