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E-Invoicing in KSA

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Nucore blogs keep you informed on the most recent events at Nucore, as well as the global events related to the travel industry with particular emphasis on those related to travel agencies and airlines.

After nearly two decades, Nucore has gained a wealth of user experiences across hundreds of accounts in multiple countries. Bringing the benefit of our handson experience to all out customers and potential customers is how Nucore has succeeded in leading the way forward. Nucore believes that an informed customer is their best customer.

March 30

Customer Engagement – the New CRM

ABSTRACT: Having evolved over a long and bumpy road for more than thirty years, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has become the economic marketing tool of choice for both large and small businesses. With cloud and web-based deployments, CRM

March 24

Stay ahead of competition by choosing the relevant Technology platform for Travel agency management

Every travel agency is unique hence there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Matching software capabilities against your agency’s business requirements can help identify the best IT solution. Below is a well-researched study that will guide you in selecting the

May 22

Automated BSP Refund Application Tool – Why does a Travel Agent need this?

Background As COVID-19 pandemic has caused massive demand for ticket refund, most of the airlines have stopped the refund authority in all the GDS systems and ask the Travel Agent to use BSPLink and issue RA, reducing the