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E-Invoicing in KSA

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November 4

E-Invoicing in Saudi Arabia: Impact for Travel Agents and How Nucore can help them to get prepared towards Phase1 rollout on Dec 4th 2021

What is E-invoicing To begin with, electronic invoicing is a process that converts paper invoices into electronic invoices. The new procedure allows processing and exchanging invoices, credit notes, etc., into a structured electronic document format. The buyer and

May 18

NuPay Plugs Your Business into Fintech – Simplifying and Streamlining Credit Card Payments

ABSTRACT: If your company uses credit to pay bills online, then you should plug into the benefits made possible by recent FinTech advances without replacing your current software. Adding NuPay, from Nucore Software Solutions, will simplify your staff’s

April 28

SkyTRAACS Airline Management Platform LCC Does Not Mean “No-Frills” IT

ABSTRACT: The emergence of Low-Cost-Carriers (LCCs) after deregulation and point-to-point routing was based on the inherent operational cost advantages over larger hub-and-spoke airlines. By 2019, with lower prices and shorter travel times LCCs captured more than 30% of

February 25

Selecting the Best Software for Your Travel Agency

ABSTRACT: Matching software capabilities against your agency’s business requirements can help identify the best IT solution. There is no “One Size Fits All” solution because there are no two agencies that compete the same way. No two agencies