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Ten years in the travel IT domain, we have experienced almost every possible facet of the industry.

With a humble beginning in the year 2005, we have come a long way to grow to a dedicated team delivering innovative back office software solutions for our clients.

We work on Windows XP/7/8, Ubuntu. Web applications in which we prove our expertise are PHP 5.5 which is open-source and feature-rich with all the functionalities, MySQL 5.1 an open source database management system, Zend Framework 1.10.6 a powerful object oriented open source platform, JP Graph, SFTP 2.0.19, Apache 2.4, Joomla 1.5. Python 2.6, 2.7 a high level, object-oriented and interpreted programming language for the web, postgreSQ1 9.1 object relational database management system and the entire python package is utilized for the smooth functioning.

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  • Nucore creates working environment that supports fully engaged employees and set the tone for high morale.
  • Two-way feedback between managers and subordinates is the highlight of our working policy.
  • We believe in promoting health and well-Being among the employees in Nucore for which corporate insurance facility, ESIC, PF is provided.
  • Appraisals also form a great part of the working of Nucore.
  • There are different entertainment activities, outings etc. carried out at regular intervals.
  • Employees in Nucore are helped out in personal financial difficulties and also are provided with extra benefits for the marriages.
  • Satisfactory leave policies help employees to take a break from the work according to the schedule.
  • Competitive salary package and motivational factor of incentive keeps the employees satisfied and give their best results. Performers are always rewarded in Nucore.
  • Proper training and developmental activities at regular intervals for keeping the employees updated and enrich themselves with latest trends in the market.
  • Each and every festival is celebrated with equal importance in the company.
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