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Facts to be considered while choosing the travel back office software







Organizations have to fight off with different factors affecting their income, expenditure, productivity, customer satisfaction and travel industry is not an exception to this. The travel industry is evolving rapidly, and you need agility in adapting to your changing customer needs. Choosing a right software is not a straightforward task for any travel agency. The main hazard of ineffective software is that there remains a lack of integration between different office function.

The practices to be followed while researching the best software are as follows:

  • Products existing in the markets have to be reviewed by taking feedback from the customers who are already using them.
  • Identify real challenges / pain points, investment and changes in the process and compare them with the existing solutions.
  • Your software should have minimal accounting skills with the capabilities of online portal integration, 3rd party integration, and LCC.
  • The software should be able to support any Global Distribution System.
  • It should be able to carry out the BSP / Supplier reconciliations in a simple way.
  • Verification of the database back end license and any hidden or 3rd party license fee.
  • Software should deliver flexibility and cost effective solutions helping the travel business to maximize their revenues by driving down the costs.
  • It should have an automated support ticket process managed well with exact information to the customer of the SLA at each stage.
  • Study the product, pricing, features, client testimonials, case studies, industry experience and future road map of the prospective vendors.
  • Vendors domain expertise and after sales support plays a vital role in opting the right choice for your business.
  • Preference should be given to the vendors exclusively focusing Travel Domain, their trustworthiness should also be verified before finalizing the deal.
  • Receiving demo in live system will provide you a chance to see how the system will actually work.
  • Contract need to be carried out directly or through the involvement of third party.

To conclude, choosing the appropriate back office travel software depends upon the research on products, their pricing, experience, reputation, reviews references. Make sure that the software you choose for your travel business meets the demand of your business and pay back a long run dividend with a competitive advantage.

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