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Nucore: Maximizing your business potential through innovation and technology

Nucore is one of the leaders in providing back office solutions to companies in the field of travel and tourism in the Middle East and India. Nucore partners with leading GDS networks like Amadeus, Galileo and Sabre, travel management companies like HRG, business travel payment solutions provider like Airplus and credit card major like American Express to provide its clients top notch back office solutions with highest operational and financial efficiency. Nucore’s success is a result of commitment its team of developers, analysts and technologists puts in each of its projects. With more than a decade of experience behind it, Nucore Software Solutions is looking forward to newer challenges and opportunities in the years to come.

  • 2018 milestone

    Satisfied Customers Worldwide 2018

    GST version of TRAACS was launched in the Indian Market. Taking a step forward towards expansion we opened a new development center in Cyber Park, Calicut. Proud to have 500+ satisfied customers across the globe.

  • 2017 milestone

    Product Launch 2017

    Launch of Sky TRAACS – The airlines accounting solution was the major highlight for the year. We also launched FMS (Franchise Management System) for large agencies.

  • 2016 milestone

    Achievement of IATA Compliance 2016

    Contribution to the NDC Standard helped in achieving IATA NDC Compliance. Unused Ticket Tracker, Seat Finder (Front office tool), Budgeting & Tracking, TRAACS CRM, PLB Management Tool all these solutions were updated this year.

  • Recent Accomplishments 2015

    First DRC Customer, Mid-Office Solutions For Travel Agents announced, HRmate (Web-based HRMS Solution) announced, Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboards (MIS kTool), Unused Ticket Tracker, PLB Management Tool, Seat Finder, Fare Saver (Front-Office Tool), Budgeting & Tracking.

  • Market Expansion 2014

    Nucore is on the verge of expansion. It is into the development of Business Intelligence (BI) tool for travel analytic. It  also focuses upon the travel Customer Relationship Management.

    Establishment of the new Business Unit 2014

    At present, Nucore has developed a new business unit at Hilite Business Park, CAFIT Square, Calicut.

    On the Zenith of Establishment 2014

    Nucore at present has more than 250 customers.

    Expansion of African Operations 2014

    We have established our self into operations of business in African countries like Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbawe and Zambia.

    Projects We have released 2014

    TRAACS WAVE , HRmate are the new projects for the year 2014.

  • Receipt of NASSCOM Accreditation 2013

    In the year 2013, Nucore received the NASSCOM accreditation which provides a unique opportunity for an organization to engage and drive thought leadership in activities, forums and industry.

    CSR Initiative by Nucore 2013

    Apart from the core business activities we are involved in taking social responsibilities. We have also joined hands with ASWAS Charitable Trust, a non profit organization, formed by the medical students for the integral development of the poor, in releasing the book ‘Arogya Sahayi’.

    Market presence in Lebanon (TRAACS) 2013

    TRAACS extends its presence in Lebanon by the year of 2013.

  • ISO Accreditation 2012

    Nucore received the ISO 9001:2008 certification in 2011 which specifies requirements for a quality management system where an organization needs to demonstrate its ability to consistently provide product which meets the applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

    Emergence as the Market Leader in Qatar 2012

    Core Solutions emerged as a strong market leader in Qatar in the year 2012. It gained more than 100 customers like Kuwait, Lebanon, Palestine, Bahrain, Oman to name a few.

    Partnership with AMEX 2012

    Nucore established its partnership with AMEX [American Express], an American multinational financial services corporation headquartered in the Manhattan, New York City,United States. The business it dealt with was the TIRA which is a sub-module of TRAACS.

  • Establishment in UAE 2011

    Nucore established itself wide across the United Arab Emirates in countries like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah.

  • Expansion of Business Operations in the MENA region 2010

    Core Solutions expanded its business operations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and Sudan expanding its business operations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and Sudan.

    Partnership with Amadeus for MENA region 2010

    Nucore signed a contract with Amadeus, the processor for the global travel and tourism industry for the purpose of business dealings in the MENA [Middle East and North African] region.

  • Establishment of the Headoffice at Calicut 2009

    We established our new unit at Calicut as Nucore Software Solutions.

    Partnership with Prescience 2009

    We have also established partnership with Prescience which has its operations in Dubai, UAE as well as in Mysore, India.

  • Partnership with leading GDS in Middle East Region 2007

    Core Solutions established its partnership with another Global Distribution system named Galileo CRS one of the world’s largest content aggregators and distributors at Qatar owned by Travelport [Atlanta, Georgia].

  • Establishment in Qatar 2006

    In the year 2006, we established ourself as Core Solutions in Qatar. The main project which we dealt with was the first version of TRACCS (Travel Agents Accounting System).

  • milestone

    Focus on Travel Vertical Initiated through Akbar Travels 2005

    We are emerging out of the TBI as an independent venture. Nucore started focusing on providing solutions to the travel verticals, of which the first association was with the Akbar Travels.

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