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“Arabian Travel Market” ATM, is a magnificent travel and tourism event widening the business potential within the Middle East for all the inbound and outbound tourism professionals and is a place to do face to face business with companies around the globe. Middle Eastern high spending travelers are the targets for the companies participating in the ATM 2015.

Why to visit Arabian Travel Market:

1. ‘Generating new sales lead’ is possible as you can connect with over 23000 trade visitors from over 131 countries around the globe.
2. A flawless platform for ‘launching of the new products’ with the audience.
3. Getting first hand feedback from the clients.
4. Brand exposure will be increased as exhibiting at ATM will help you to put your brand in front of thousands of travel professionals around the globe.
5. Travel agents can get a wide knowledge of the different revenue streams available in the market.
6. Consolidation of the structure of new deals, relationships and also negotiate business with the existing clients.
7. Networking with the decision makers.
8. Market intelligence can be gathered with the help of different extensive grand programmes.
9. Travel agents can keep themselves up to date with the finest industry trends which can help to increase revenues.
10. All the tips and tricks to reduce expenses, can be gained from the seminars and the training sessions in ATM.
11. Business travel is definitely a major sector of Arabian Travel Market and seminars will cover the latest happenings in the sector.
12. Travel agents can participate in seminars, training sessions, competitions specifically designed for their involvement.


Travel industry is not booming but it is rather developing day by day which is again creating the sustainability for tourism. With all these aspects it can be concluded that ATM is nothing but a BUSINESS, wherein travel and tourism businesses gets expansion over the global market. In hospitality industry technology is the most inevitable aspect, investment done in the hardware’s and software’s form the crucial part of the business.

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