12 features of NDC turning it profitable for the travel industry.







‘New Distribution Capability’ (NDC) is a long-awaited set of technology standard which specializes in airline dynamic shopping, retail and ancillary revenue generation. It provides a widespread opportunity of selling not just the seats, but the options of wifi, lounge access, menu choices, baggage options etc. The adoption of NDC is beneficial for the travelers, agents as it aims at providing the dynamic airline shopping experience with revenue generation.

  1. Enhance the capability of the communications between airlines and the travel agents.
  2. It offers a price based comparison irrespective of the relationship between the airlines and the travelers.
  3. Open for any third party whether it may be an IT provider or a non IATA member.
  4. Transforming the ways air products are retailed to the corporations, travelers etc.
  5. Addressing the end to end airline distribution process including booking of the tickets, shopping etc. enhancing customer experiences.
  6. Simplification of the technical standards, enabling the efficiencies, innovation and lowering the cost of the products.
  7. Order management enables airlines and agencies to manage the travelers order in the entire order lifecycle.
  8. It provides a great shopping schema helping in distribution of the products and to redeem the traveler’s baggage using rich content.
  9. The main advantage for the travel agents is that they can look at the availability directly.
  10. Personalized opportunities to the customers as they get the direct access to the traveler’s history, status, preferences and other characteristics when a direct purchase is made by the customer.
  11. Identifying the right customer and the projection of the offerings based on the individual customers preference and his satisfaction
  12. End user can compare offers based on the attributes such as entertainment options, wifi, baggage allowance etc.


NDC has a clearly defined objectives which is profitable for the entire travel industry in terms of additional revenue creation, providing customer satisfaction, through different choices. ROI can be achieved in a much better way due to the implementation of NDC standard. In a nutshell NDC provides more value, more transparency and a great shopping experiences to the corporate buyers.

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Husni Abdul Nazer
Aug 26, 2015 - 01:08:45

NDC seems good comparing the convergence of technology and reservation systems. But the communication platform is XML and that’s really not efficient format comparing to JSON format. Size differs in both. XML has some what large data compared to JSON.

Jun 28, 2016 - 11:06:46

You have shed a ray of susnhine into the forum. Thanks!

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